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Our Case Studies

The Artistry of Dentistry is unique in many regards.

Even though patients are always integral participants in the process, it's not possible for them to judge the results of their dentistry as they receive it. While they can certainly judge their experience in terms of the dentist's and/or his assistant's demeanor - and their own personal feelings in regards to their ongoing comfort along with their sense of confidence in the process - unless it's a cosmetic procedure done on the front teeth, the patient has to entrust the results to - and rely solely upon - the skill and commitment of the dentist doing their work.

That's why modern Digital Macro-Photography has become a godsend for dentists and their patients as well.

Now - not only can we accurately document the results of our procedures, but we can also easily and immediately share enlarged iPad images with our patients of what we see in their mouths at the time of their examination and prior to the commencement of  treatment.

This not only benefits our patients by being able to see exactly what's going on, but it also benefits us because - with today's megapixel macro-lens cameras - images can be zoomed to even greater magnification than with the loupes we routinely wear while we work.

The following cases represent a cross section of some of the conditions we routinely see and the results we've gotten.


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This is Mike. He's not only one of the nicest people you'd ever like to meet, he's also one of the most rewarding cases we've ever done!

Several years ago he came in for a consultation about having some cosmetic veneers placed on his upper front teeth.

During his examination, we observed isolated, but very significant, wear on the back sides of these teeth.

This type of tooth wear is often a warning sign that a person's bite is not in physiologic harmony with their jaw joints or their jaw muscles.

Being suspicious of that, we asked him if he had any history of head or neck symptoms.

He reported that he had suffered from chronic headaches most of his life.

We discussed the relationship between a bad bite and chronic muscle tension in the head that is often a common source of headaches.

Upon hearing this information, he chose to have a comprehensive neuromuscular evaluation to see if his bite could be the source his headaches. As it turned out, the results of his testing indicated that it most likely was.

We fabricated a Neuromuscular Orthotic (a removable precision bite appliance worn on the lower teeth) to determine if changing his existing bite position to a new physiologic one - with bilateral muscle balance - would eliminate his headaches.

He wore his appliance for three months during which time he remained essentially pain free.

Given his original interest in cosmetic veneers and his subsequent confirmation that his bite was the underlying source of his muscle tension headaches, Mike chose to have his entire mouth rebuilt with all porcelain restorations.


The photos below depict the results and the process of his rehabilitation.







mike-before-portraitwanting cosmetic veneers


Picture 005wear patterns on upper front teeth


headache-image-untouchedlife long headache history

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